A Storyteller's Journey

Hello world!

I had finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up: a storyteller.

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The Case for Minimalism

When I decided to choose simplify as my word for the year, I didn’t expect to make an entire paradigm shift; I just wanted to make organizing my closets and cabinets easier. As I started paring down my things -... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Book Bag?

This week I plan to finish Sense and Sensibility. It's been so fun to read it again. Even though I know how it ends, it is still a satisfying read. I'm reading through a food memoir by Shauna Niequist called... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt Wednesday!

{This week's writing prompt is "When We Were Wee." I thought it would make a great poem title, so I will work out a poem. Bear with me because my poetry skills are horrible. That's what makes this a great... Continue Reading →

The Best Medicine – Laughter

Often, I take life too seriously. And it is serious, with many people relying on me to keep things going and numerous responsibilities that must get done. But having a heavy heart about it all makes those tasks a drudgery.... Continue Reading →

Raising Kids is Part Heartfelt Joy and Part Tactical Combat

I laughed when I saw that statement in my new planner because it’s so true! On the one hand, the love we feel for our children is so overwhelming that it threatens to make us cry. On the other, you... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt Wednesday!

{This week's writing prompt is just two words: Real Life. That's all I get, so we'll see what happens!}   As children, we spend a lot of time in our imagination. That's normal and an important part of growing up.... Continue Reading →

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Sister)

In 2018, I chose “simplify” as my word for the year. I went through every aspect of my daily life and made changes that would make everything simpler. Every mom would benefit from doing the same thing because simple is... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Book Bag?

I'm right in the middle of rereading Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I find on this go-round, that my feelings for Marianne's troubles are more of a maternal sort than just annoyed at her lack of discretion and dramatic... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt Wednesday!

{For today's writing exercise, I'm answering the following question: What would you attempt if you knew you would not fail?}   Oh, man, this is a tough one! There are so many things that I've tried to do and failed,... Continue Reading →

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