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I had finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up: a storyteller.

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Review – The Typing Coach

Typing is a life skill that is beneficial to just about every student, especially in the computer-driven society we have today. Being able to type quickly and accurately are goals I want my boys to achieve. The Typing Coach offers a... Continue Reading →

Review – Thin Stix

I love trying out different art products and I've got one here that is so unusual, you won't believe it. The Pencil Grip, Inc. is the maker of a variety of products for home, office, and school use. We've been using the Thin... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt Wednesday – What is Love?

Love is... a listening ear. a comforting shoulder. a home-cooked meal. a hug. a kiss. understanding without uttering a word. facing the storms of life together. laughter. holding hands. being together. home.

Review – Captain Absolutely

I'm not a big fan of comic books. Personally I find them hard to read but my boys like them. The problem is that it is so difficult to find appropriate comic books for them to read. Most of them... Continue Reading →

Review – Homeschool Rescue

I've talked with a lot of homeschool moms over the years and although we all do school differently, we all have something in common. At one time or another, we've hit a crisis. Sometimes it is due to a family... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt Wednesday!

This week's prompt: "It wasn't snow falling outside, it was pure sugar."   When I got up this morning I looked outside my back window as usual. Then I did a double-take. Snow was falling and beginning to pile up... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Book Bag?

For The Deliberate Reader book club this month we're discussing Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry. This pick is from the literary fiction genre and I was excited to read it as I've heard rave reviews about Berry's work. I was not... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt Wednesday!

(I thought I would try a new series out and see how it goes. This is the first one. Please join in with your own story in the comments.)   Congratulations, it's a boy!

Review – The Secret Bridge

Anyone who has taken a glance at this blog already knows that I love books. What may not be so obvious, especially in our modern day of digital books, is that I have a thing for beautiful books. When I... Continue Reading →

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