A Storyteller's Journey

Hello world!

I had finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up: a storyteller.

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What’s In My Book Bag?

Last week I went on a little trip with my husband. While he was stuck going to a conference, I spent my time reading and resting. It was lovely! I tried a few Jane Austen fan fiction and was less... Continue Reading →

Road Trip!

Some of my family’s favorite vacations have been road trips. Jumping in the car for the day or for several, it’s much easier and less stressful than getting on a plane and flying somewhere. We’ve done that, too, and I... Continue Reading →

Quiet Time is the Best Time

In a house full of boys, it’s not very quiet. Whenever they happen to be gone, which doesn’t happen very often, I find myself just sitting in the quiet. It’s so soothing after all the bustle and noise. Those precious... Continue Reading →

Love is Patient

There is nothing that we learn more about in our parenting journey than patience. Perhaps some people are naturally patient. I know I’m not. I have had to work hard at developing even a smidgen of it. And it’s a... Continue Reading →

Always Be a Little Kinder Than You Need to Be

In general, I don’t have a problem being kind to strangers. I always smile at people when we make eye contact. I am patient when dealing with customer service. I open doors for people I will never see again. Being... Continue Reading →

Being Outdoors is Not Just for Children

Kids love to go outside to play and it’s good for them. The fresh air and sunshine help them to be healthy. Playing in the dirt builds their immune systems. And it allows them to use their imaginations to entertain... Continue Reading →

What’s In My Book Bag?

Last weekend I read The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie. It's the first book in her Miss Marple series. Of course, I was wrong about who did it. I'm always amazed at Christie's talent in telling a great story... Continue Reading →

When You’re Tired, Take a Nap

At first, I didn’t have any trouble taking the often-repeated advice of sleeping when your newborn sleeps. But then I realized that those quiet times were a great opportunity to get something done. So, I did. And I wore myself... Continue Reading →

The Case for Minimalism

When I decided to choose simplify as my word for the year, I didn’t expect to make an entire paradigm shift; I just wanted to make organizing my closets and cabinets easier. As I started paring down my things -... Continue Reading →

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