In my quest to become a good storyteller, I thought I would start with short, simple stories.  I love fables because they are easy to remember and also have a moral lesson to impart.


A warm breeze rustled the grasses of the savannah, tickling the lion king’s nose as he lay sunning himself on a lazy afternoon.  His ears caught the faint shuffling of little mouse feet.  Slowly the great beast opened one eye and with a quick flick of his massive paw, he caught the little mouse by the tail.

As the lion king picked up the rodent he chuckled as his prey squirmed to free himself.

“Please don’t eat me!” squeaked the mouse.

“Why not?” roared the lion.

“Well, I’m just a little mouse.  I’m barely a morsel and would not fill you up at all, “ replied the frightened creature.

The lion paused as if considering the mouse’s reply.  Finally he said, “But you would make a tasty appetizer.”

The poor little mouse trembled as he bravely said, “If you let me go I will be sure to repay your kindness in the future.”

This amused the lion king immensely.  He was the ruler of the savannah and laughed heartily at the mouse’s suggestion that he would ever need the help of such a small, feeble creature.  Nevertheless, the great cat let the little mouse go.  He yawned and stretched, chuckling again as he settled back down to finish his nap.


One day as the little mouse ran through the grass he was startled by the lion king’s roar.  Running as swiftly as his little paws could carry him the mouse came upon the king in quite a jam.  The fearless beast paced back and forth in a cage, unable to free himself.  Quickly, the mouse ran up the side of the cage and released the lever so the king could escape.

The humbled lion offered his thanks to the little mouse and learned that even the weakest of creatures may be of help to the strong.