I’ve been homeschooling my boys for several years now.  We’ve tried many types of curriculum for each subject.  Some I’ve tossed aside; some I’ve continued with.  Writing has been one of the most frustrating subjects to teach.  The options are overwhelming!  So instead of teaching it, I laid it aside for a while.


Knowing that my boys would need to learn how to write at some point, I once again picked up my search for just the right resource to use.  Happily, I found a new program had been created and one of my homeschool groups was buzzing with excitement about it.  Writing & Rhetoric by Classical Academic Press uses the premise that writing is best taught by example and the best examples should be used.


The series comprises twelve books and recommends starting in third or fourth grade, although it is not grade-specific.  I’m using the program myself along with my twelve-year-old.  The books must be completed in order as they get progressively more advanced and is set up as a preliminary to formal rhetoric.


Book 1 of Writing & Rhetoric is all about fables.  Each lesson uses a different fable to teach the basics of the writing process.  I have been reading the lesson during our morning time and asking all my boys for a narration of the fable.  Then I take turns asking them the questions.  My oldest son then uses his student book for the writing portion.  He works on it for a few days then we come back together and he reads what he wrote.  Although he is much older than the student this is geared for and I never really taught formal writing before, I am amazed at his level of comprehension and skill.


Other books in the series cover these topics:  narrative, chreia & proverb, refutation & confirmation, commonplace, encomium & vituperation, comparison, impersonation & description, thesis, and attack/defend a law.  I am excited to continue with this program and see what the outcome will be.