Every year, our local library hosts a summer reading program.  As part of the program, people from all over come to present their acts to the kids as a way to encourage them to read.  We’ve seen magicians, actors, animals, and many others but my favorite ones are the storytellers.  This past summer I sat mesmerized as the woman wove her story, delighting us all.  As we left I thought I had finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up: a storyteller.


I’ve wanted to write for about as long as I’ve loved to read.  I needed to find some motivation to write my own stories, so I’m using this blog to document my journey.  Since writers have to be readers, I’ll post about what I’m currently reading and some stories I’ve loved in the past and why I still can’t get them out of my mind.  I’ll write about great nonfiction books that have impacted my life and what books I use to homeschool my boys.  And of course I’ll write some stories.  At first I’ll practice with retellings of stories we all know and love then as I gain confidence and skill I’ll branch out with my own stories.


Years ago newspapers frequently printed serial stories, one chapter each edition.  Eventually I plan to do the same thing here on the blog by posting a chapter each week.  My goal is that my storytelling skills will improve enough so someday I’ll be the woman who inspires the art of storytelling to future generations.  I would love some company for my adventure.