My most important job as a mom is to work myself out of my job.  In other words, I have a responsibility to teach my kids how to live as adults.  So I’ve been working with my three boys on basic living skills.  They already know how to do their own laundry (a huge time-saver for me!) and they’re not too bad at cleaning.  Recently, I turned my life-skills attention to cooking.

My boys already know how to pour their own cereal, use the toaster and microwave, and can basically fix a simple breakfast or lunch.  The next step for them are general cooking and baking skills so they will be able to use the oven and stove-top.  And that’s where the Kids Cook Real Food Cooking Course comes in.

I first heard about this course by Kitchen Stewardship through the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.  I watched a webinar about the course and immediately signed up.  It was the answer to my kitchen teaching dilemma.

Even though my boys are in the advanced category by age, I decided to start them with the beginner level so they can learn all the safety rules and skills in order.  The week before we have our class, I watch the adult video which lets me know what to expect and how to prepare.  I print out the lesson plan and make sure I have all the needed ingredients available.  On the day I schedule the lesson we watch the video together then practice that skill in the kitchen.

We’ve all had so much fun learning together and I’m so glad to have found this gem!  Right now, Kids Cook Real Food is offering a free knife skills class through November 2nd.  Course registration will open beginning October 27th.  Check out the free knife class by clicking the banner below and have some great fun in the kitchen with your kids!  (Affiliate for Kitchen Stewardship)