Daddy lifted the moving box from the back of his car.  He turned around and took a step forward, just missing the blob of fur.  The cat looked up into Daddy’s eyes and gave the most pitiful meow she could muster.  Daddy stared thoughtfully at the thin calico, wondering if she belonged to one of the neighbors.

The cat continued to meow and followed the man into the house.  After setting the box down, he called his wife.

“Honey, when you come by the new house later, you might want to bring some cat food,” he said.

“What?!” the wife replied.

“There’s a cat here and she acts like she’s starving.”

“You do realize that if we start feeding it that it will never leave?” the woman reasoned, knowing full well that her husband didn’t like cats.

“We can’t just let it starve.  Besides, it might belong to the people who just moved out or to a neighbor.  If she is still here when you come, go ahead and feed her.”

So, the hungry cat was fed.  The family asked all the neighbors and the previous owners of the house, but the calico did not belong to any of them.  And that is how the lonely cat found her forever home with Daddy, Mama, and the Three Boys.

The family took their new friend to the vet to make sure she was healthy.  The Boys watched as the vet carefully pulled the cat out of her carrier to examine her.  She checked her teeth, weighed her on a little scale, and took the cat’s temperature.

“Ooh, that’s how you take animal’s temperatures?” the Boys asked.

Mama said, “That’s also how the doctor checked your temperature when you were babies.”

The vet chuckled. “Did you know that 99% of all calico cats are females?  It is rare to find a male calico and yours is definitely female.  She seems very healthy.  I just need to give her a vaccination to keep her from getting sick.  Have you named her yet?”

“Not yet,” the Boys replied.

“Maybe we could name her Cali,” suggested Mama.

“What about Garfield?” one of the Boys asked.

“That’s a name for a boy cat,” said another Boy.

The vet stroked the cat’s ears.  “Look here, she has some scars.  This kitty must be pretty tough,” she said.

“I’ve got it!” Mama said excitedly.  “We’ll name her Zena, Warrior Kitty!”

“Yes!” all the Boys agreed.

Zena, Warrior Kitty, eagerly ran into the carrier when the vet was finished.

When they got back home, Mama opened the carrier.  As the cat ran out to the backyard, Mama said, “Welcome home, Zena!”

The calico turned to look at Mama, happy with her new family and her new name.