I used to have a bad habit. When I would read a book, I would flip through the next chapter (or two) to see what happened next. When the book made me wonder if everything would turn out all right, I would skip right to the end to make sure. Knowing that it all worked out for the characters gave me comfort. But then I would mentally kick myself for cheating. It took a while, but I finally broke this habit by reading ebooks on my Kindle. It’s way too much trouble to cheat using an ebook!

As a Christian, I know how the story of my life ends and that comforts me most of the time. It’s just that there are those days that weigh me down. Whether it’s financial woes, parenting issues, family disagreements, illness, or any number of other life moments doesn’t matter. Sometimes I just get so…overwhelmed.

In my frazzled state, small problems look like insurmountable mountains. The never-ending tasks of living feel like burdens too heavy to bear. I forget that I already know the end of the story and how amazing it is. The day-to-day struggles overshadow the big picture and I feel like I’ve been thrown overboard in a storm-ravaged sea.

Knowing that I have this tendency has made me find whatever I can to help me get back up again and keep moving forward. One such resource is Overwhelmed: How to Quiet the Chaos and Restore Your Sanity by Kathi Lipp and Cheri Gregory. I was blessed to be part of the launch team for this book and was overwhelmed (but in a good way) by the honesty, kindness, and encouragement of these two special women. Not only do they share parts of their moments of overwhelm, but they also give such great advice on how to get through it. They even have an action plan to help prevent getting to the overwhelmed state in the first place. They help the reader figure out what makes them feel overwhelmed, how to create a team to deal with day-to-day life, and why a personal mission statement is helpful when making decisions.

Don’t let the worries of this world overburden you. We have a choice to stay overwhelmed or to joyfully play out our story to the end. We’re all in this together!

(Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book for free in exchange for my honest review.)