As usual I feel like a hamster spinning in a wheel. On one hand the days seem so short and there is never enough time to finish what I want to accomplish. On the other, the days seem like an unending circus.

My birthday was Saturday. I had a lovely day shopping with my husband. It ended with two of my kids throwing up all night. I’m not gonna lie, there was a lot of praying going on in my house that night. Begging, pleading, and (I’m ashamed to admit) even bargaining passed my lips. Just when I had nothing left to give and I had exhausted every ounce of motherly love I possess, by the grace of God there was more to give.

We seem to have skipped winter this year. I hesitate to even mention it because as soon as I do we’re sure to get hit with a major snowstorm. So, I’m going to be grateful for the 70 and 80-degree weather we’ve been having.

I’ve got several projects I’m working on because just focusing on one thing at a time would be crazy!

  • Homeschool reviews – We’re doing art with Creating a Masterpiece, Andrew is working on his reading skills with Eclectic Foundations, we’re reading aloud two very different but amazing stories, and Nathan is starting a study of The Iliad from Memoria Press. These reviews are scheduled for March and the first week in April with more to come!
  • Book clubs – I’m still trudging through Vanity Fair (Penguin Classics). I would like to slap almost all the characters; they’re really driving me nuts! In one of my groups I’ll be leading a discussion of Emma (A Penguin Classics Hardcover) by Jane Austen, and I hope to start Don Quixote (Penguin Classics) soon to discuss with a friend. For fun I’ll be finishing The Lunar Chronicles.
  • Writing – I’m slowly going through all the homeschooling links I’ve collected from hours of research and putting them together into an eBook to be released late spring or early summer.

And the story continues…