It’s Spring Break for the Mills family! The boys are going to my parents house for a few days and I’m going to enjoy hanging out by myself. First order of business: going to the library to pick up the next book for one of my online book clubs. I’ve also got a puzzle to do (the beautiful puzzle in the picture above), a chick-flick to watch (not sure what it will be yet but I’ve got several waiting in my Netflix queue), and if I have time I want to do some more chalk pastel pictures.

  • Homeschool Reviews – Creating a Masterpiece posted today and Bessie’s Pillow will post tomorrow. We’re also doing a devotional from City On a Hill and reading Shepherd, Potter, Spy and the Star Namer.
  • Book Clubs – I’m halfway done with the Emma discussion and that book club will be discussing Dark Matter by Blake Crouch next month so I’m picking it up at the library to read ahead of time. I’ve heard that it’s a wild ride! Don Quixote is going well, though it’s a little tedious. I did finish The Lunar Chronicles and find myself thinking about the story and characters often.
  • Writing – I updated my post of all my Homemaking Cottage Articles, adding 9 new ones for a total of 54 so far. The homeschool resources eBook that I’m working on is still moving forward. I’m getting excited to see how it turns out. If you missed my story about my first airplane ride you can find it here. It was fun traveling down memory lane to record my experience.

And the story continues…