Computers are an integral part of our world today and it is important for our children to learn how to navigate the complex digital environment. We’ve been reviewing a great program for learning basic computer skills called Digital Savvy by CompuScholar, Inc. (formerly known as Homeschool Programming). It is an online course that takes students through over 20 areas related to computers such as the fundamentals of computer hardware and software, how to find information using search engines, the importance of computer security, how to use basic computer programs (word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation programs), internet and social media usage, and so much more. One of the first classes I took in college was a course exactly like this and it has helped me ever since, so I believe basic computer skills are essential for all students to learn and this program makes it so easy.

Digital Savvy is a two semester course and can be purchased for an entire year or on a monthly basis. Additional students can be added for a minimal additional cost. I had my oldest son, Nathan, work through the course. I set up a teacher’s account for me so I can track his progress and I also set up a student account for Nathan.

Here’s a picture of what the teacher’s screen looks like:

As you can see, the main page of the course includes the chapters of the program and several links on the left side. The Gradebook looks like this:

I can easily see the progress my son is making and the grades he made. Each of the 24 chapters have several lessons and a quiz for each lesson. Every chapter has an exam and an activity to practice the concepts learned.

A super helpful feature are the teacher guides for each chapter that state the lesson objectives, directions for teaching the lessons, and discussion questions:

Each student has his own account and can easily navigate the course. The lessons include a video and student text to ensure mastery of the material and as I said before, a quiz is taken on the computer and the results are recorded. The entire course is done online without the need for a physical textbook.

There are two projects for the class. The mid-term project uses the skills learned in the first semester to create a document, a digital presentation, a spreadsheet, and a database. One of the last chapters explores computer careers and opportunities and the final project is to design a website and social media platform using the concepts learned in the second semester. Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to navigate a computer quite well and be confident when using a computer for any future class or project.

Nathan has been enjoying learning computer skills and I know that these skills will benefit him for the rest of his life. This program is an easy way for a novice computer user like me to ensure that my kids have the necessary tools they need.

Besides the Digital Savvy course, CompuScholar, Inc. also has classes on web design, introductory programming, Java programming, and game programming. Check out reviews of some of these other products by clicking the button below!

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