Need something fun to jump start your day? Planet 316 has a fun app that I’ve been playing for a while in order to write this review. It’s called Daily Bible Jigsaw and I’ve been having a blast with it! This is a FREE app available in the Apple store, on Google Play, and on Facebook. I am using the iPad app as part of my morning quiet time.

Every day I eagerly click on the app. When I open the app I am greeted with the new puzzle for the day. Each day of the week has a theme like Resurrection Sunday, New Beginnings Monday, Amazing Grace Tuesday, Wonderous Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, God is Faithful Friday, and Renewing Saturday.

The puzzle board consists of the pieces all mixed up. You drag them around to fit them together and make the picture. You can cash in coins to use the tools at the top. The Rotate tool makes all the pieces turn around to the correct direction. Very handy! The Guide tool shows you a picture of the finished puzzle, kind of like the cover of a puzzle box. The Sweep tool moves all the pieces to the sides. The Magnet tool connects two pieces together. The Edges tool removes the inside pieces leaving only the border pieces. Once those are pieced together the inside pieces show up. A timer in the upper right corner tracks how long it takes to do the puzzle. Each puzzle has a special piece that glows for a limited time. If you connect that piece to another piece you get a coin that is added to the total in the upper left corner.

Once you complete the puzzle a Bible verse appears on the picture. You can share this picture on Facebook if you sign in. You only have to do that once.

Each month has a calendar with a puzzle for each day of the month. Here is the completed calendar for March.

This is what the April calendar looks like so far. The pieces before and after the calendar days are already filled in for you.

At the top is a button for Awards that you can get along the way that give you coins. I’ve still got several to go but I’ve gotten all the time awards, even the Genius award for solving a puzzle in under a minute. Hint: I used several of the tools to get that one.

You can enhance your playing experience by entering the tournament with other puzzle solvers, sharing past puzzles, doing the bonus puzzles (some of which have more pieces than the regular daily puzzles), and doing archived puzzles. The archived puzzles will cost you coins. You can earn coins by achieving awards, connecting the special piece in each daily puzzle, or you can purchase more coins.

I’ve been having so much fun with these daily puzzles! They take only a few minutes and help boost my brain power as well as give me a verse to ponder throughout the day. Daily Bible Jigsaw is appropriate for a wide age range.

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