In a never-ending effort to add beauty to our homeschool, I’ve been working on art with the boys. Since I’m not an artist myself, I really appreciate companies like ArtAchieve that offer affordable art lessons to help me out. We’ve been working through the Entire Level I Bundle over the past few weeks and I’m amazed at our results!

ArtAchieve has a total of five levels of lessons. Each lesson shows what inspired the picture, where it came from, a list of supplies needed to complete the lesson, and suggestions for cross-curricular connections. This last part is unique to ArtAchieve. In Level I, Lesson 7: The Owl From Bali, the science suggestions include books, research links, and videos. The literature selections range from Goodnight Owl by Pat Hutchins to HOOT by Carl Hiaasen. The geography section introduces the students to the island of Bali and the country of Indonesia as well as cooking in Bali. At the bottom of each lesson page is a gallery of student art for inspiration. We loved using these as idea sparks for our own artwork.

The lessons have a couple of downloads, a warm-up sheet (shown in the picture below on the left) and what the finished drawing will look like.

There is the option of viewing the lesson as a PowerPoint or as a video. We used the videos.

The video starts out with some advice for drawing and a warm-up. The background music ties in with the lesson and we are given music suggestions to help set the atmosphere. Then, the instructor explains what supplies are needed and guides us step-by-step through the project. I was a little hesitant to use a marker to draw instead of a pencil so I could erase mistakes, but with time I became more confident in using it and love how it makes the picture sharp. When I did make a mistake I just kept playing with it a little until you really can’t tell.

This was a new way to draw for us and it took a few lessons for my boys to have confidence to let their imaginations run wild, but when they did the results were fabulous!

Here are a few of Nathan’s pictures. He usually gets frustrated with trying to do art, but has really started to realize that he CAN draw, he just needs to practice.

Connor loves doing art and enjoyed these lessons immensely! He mixed markers with colored pencils and came up with some fabulous work.

Andrew’s art tends to be a little wild, kind of like him! I loved that he thought outside the box and added his own elements to the pictures.

And because it’s not fair for the boys to have all the fun, I joined in as well. These were my favorite pictures.

ArtAchive art lessons are fun for the whole family and I think these lessons would be a hit for a co-op as well. They can be incorporated into your regular homeschool lessons or used as rainy day or summer fun. For more reviews click the button below!

Art Lessons Inspired From Around the World {ArtAchieve Reviews}




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