Anyone who has taken a glance at this blog already knows that I love books. What may not be so obvious, especially in our modern day of digital books, is that I have a thing for beautiful books. When I opened up the box from Lamplighter Publishing and pulled out The Secret Bridge by Amy Le Feuvre, I gasped. Then I may or may not have lovingly caressed the cover and whispered, “It’s so pretty!”

Lamplighter chooses great stories that highlight character traits that are found in the Bible and publishes them as quality hardcover books and dramatic audios. Their goal is “to cultivate a renaissance of creative excellence that inspires one to know God intimately and proclaim Him passionately.”

The Secret Bridge is my first book from Lamplighter Publishing and I have to say that I’m really impressed by it. The binding is top notch and the cover is embossed, unlike any other hardcover book I own. It’s a real pleasure to hold it in my hands. The last page lists the book at Flesch-Kink Grade Level 4.6. Also included is a listing of the page numbers where Biblical insights can be found and the character traits expressed in the story. The traits in The Secret Bridge are faith, trust, and loyalty. Throughout the book, footnotes help us understand some of the words and also point us to the Bible verse that is mentioned.

As for the story itself, it opens up with the two main characters, Godfrey Bullingham and Bridget Channing, meeting on a ship bound for London. He is intrigued by her from the start. When he discovers that the situation she expected to find upon arriving in England was not what the reality was, he offers to help her out. In the Victorian Era a young woman who is alone and friendless without anyone to recommend her is bound to sink into desperate situations. In an effort to prevent Bridget from falling into a deplorable state, he offers to marry her. She refuses at first, but then when Bridget realizes that Godfrey is kind and his offer will be the saving of her, she relents.

In a startling turn of events for Bridget, on her wedding day Godfrey takes her to a house in the country near his family and leaves her there with the request that she keep their marriage a secret for the coming year until he returns from the sea. Only the couple who tends the house knows the truth. Bridget finds herself caught up in the local people and discovers secrets about her family that tie her to the enemies of her husband’s family.

Once a secret has been kept, more secrets tend to pile up and soon Bridget is torn between telling the truth and abiding by her husband’s wishes. Eventually, the truth comes out about everything and creates a situation that threatens to destroy the happiness for the couple. However, determination and forgiveness lead to a happy resolution for all.

This is a charming story that would make a good read-aloud. There are so many discussion possibilities here and would be good for a book club reading as well. I really enjoyed it!

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