This week’s prompt: “It wasn’t snow falling outside, it was pure sugar.”


When I got up this morning I looked outside my back window as usual. Then I did a double-take. Snow was falling and beginning to pile up in drifts around my plants. We don’t get a lot of snow here in southwest Oklahoma but occasionally it does snow. However, it’s the middle of May! Did an ice age begin that I didn’t know about?

Baffled, I opened up the back door and stepped out onto my porch. The temperature was pleasant, certainly not cold enough for snow. I went out to the grass and held out my hand. Several of the flakes landed on my palm. It didn’t feel cold or wet and being of a curious nature I stuck my tongue to them. Sweet! This wasn’t snow at all, I discovered. It was sugar!

I called out to my boys and they ran outside gazing wonderingly at the sky.

“Stick out your tongues,” I told them.

They obeyed and jumped for joy when the sweetness landed on their outstretched tongues.

So we spent the rest of the morning getting our sugar-high on. I grabbed as many bowls as I could to store the sugar for later use. After a few hours it stopped and the sugar that had fallen to the ground dissolved without a trace. Our sugar-eating frenzy over, we went inside to sleep off our food buzz.