I’m not a big fan of comic books. Personally I find them hard to read but my boys like them. The problem is that it is so difficult to find appropriate comic books for them to read. Most of them have characters that are anatomically disproportionate and indecently dressed, if you know what I mean. But, thanks to Focus on the Family there’s a new superhero in town – Captain Absolutely!

My middle son, Connor, grabbed this up as soon as I got it in and read it in one sitting.

The story starts out with the making of Captain Absolutely. He was a librarian (love it!) who gets trapped after an explosion. He wakes up to find himself in a secret room that is full of different copies of the Holy Bible. Since he can’t go anywhere, Josiah King (that’s our hero’s name) sits down to read the Bible for the first time. As he’s reading, toxic fumes leaked by the explosion fill the space and the next morning when he is rescued he has become Captain Absolutely.

The radioactive leak also created villains who begin terrorizing the citizens of Metropolitanville. First, we encounter Josiah’s friend, Darren Gray, who has become Dr. Relative and tries to steal computers. When Captain Absolutely tells him that stealing is wrong his nemesis replies, “You can’t force your truth on me. Nobody tells Dr. Relative what to do!” Sound familiar? Anyway, he goes on to zap the Captain with a ray gun intending to make him forget about truth and be reminded about all the bad things he has done in the past. The Captain is weakened and taken prisoner but manages to free himself by using God’s Word to be strengthened.

For a while Captain Absolutely fights against these villains on his own, but later he gets a sidekick, a teenager named Hana, whose mom works at the local news station PCN Network. Thanks to the radioactive fumes Hana is able to turn into a fireball and fly. The duo has a cute scene in a clothing store where Captain Absolutely is introduced to teenage fashion.

Over and over the duo fights against these villains in order to protect truth and justice, using the Bible as their foundation and strength.

In the back there is a list of character profiles. Some of the villains may be familiar if your family has listened to Adventures in Odyssey (this comic is a spin-off from that series). My favorite part is the two-page spread of Big Questions. It asks relevant questions like: Is fantasy better than reality? Why is teamwork important? and What do you do when you feel lonely? Page numbers refer back to the part of the story that this topic was expressed.

Today we are faced with a battle between God’s truth and what society says is true. This comic is a timely tool that can help kids navigate some tricky situations that may come up.

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