I love trying out different art products and I’ve got one here that is so unusual, you won’t believe it. The Pencil Grip, Inc. is the maker of a variety of products for home, office, and school use. We’ve been using the Thin Stix 6pk of Classic Colors, solid tempera paint sticks. You read that right – paint sticks. They are used just like a marker and work like a glue stick, except that what comes out is paint. No need for water! AND it doesn’t run all over the paper or spill all over the floor (one reason that I’m always anxious when the paints come out).

Thin Stix can be used for a variety of projects like painting pictures on paper:

I like them for making signs or banners:

You can even paint on wood. These were under a dollar each:

They are in a stick that twists at the bottom to get the paint out. Because it is solid, there are no drips or spills (love it!). Oh, and another thing I love about them is that it dries in 90 seconds! No more waiting for hours before touching a project and moving it out of the way. When done, cleanup is easy. Put the cap back on to prevent it from drying out and use baby wipes to clean up any mess. Soap and water take care of any paint that gets on the skin.

As I showed in the pictures, the Thin Stix can be used on a variety of things. We’ve used them on canvas paper, poster board, and wood. I’ve even used them on plastic. And because you don’t have to add water and they aren’t liquid, you don’t have to worry about it bleeding through paper or warping wood. I did a little experimenting with them and if you allow the first layer to dry (only 90 seconds!) you can paint over it without the colors bleeding together. One drawback to this product is that even though these are the thinner version it is still difficult to write with them. They are not suitable for more detailed and precise projects. However, they are non-toxic and are a wonderful option for younger kids to safely use.

The Pencil Grip, Inc. has other products to choose from in this line. They have the original Kwik Stix, which are like the Thin Stix only chunkier. These would be good for the younger set or for large projects like banners or murals. There are a total of 24 different colors: 12 classic, 6 neon, and 6 metalix. The colors are available in either the original Kwik Stix or the Thin Stix. They also offer a 96 piece class pack which would be great for co-ops.

The possibilities of this product are numerous! My boys have been enjoying creating with them so much that they’ve already run out of the blue. And because I don’t have to worry about spilled paint, I don’t have to hover over them with a rag to clean up drops and drips.

The other reviewers for Thin Stix have some great examples to show how they used this product so click the banner below to check out what they did.

No Mess Art with Thin Stix Classic Colors {The Pencil Grip, Inc. Reviews}



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