Typing is a life skill that is beneficial to just about every student, especially in the computer-driven society we have today. Being able to type quickly and accurately are goals I want my boys to achieve. The Typing Coach offers a way to obtain both of those goals without any teaching on my part. Their course, The Typing Coach Online Typing Course is a systematic approach that emphasizes accuracy before speed. Because really, what’s the point of typing fast if you have to go back and correct a lot of mistakes? If you can type things correctly the first time, your speed will improve with time.

So, what does this typing program consist of? The course is divided into seven major sections corresponding to the keys on a computer keyboard. You will need to print out the practice pages and test pages. Each section has an audio recording that takes you step-by-step through the keys in that section. After listening to the recording and following along with it, the student uses the practice page and practices typing in Word or whatever word processing program you have. The student is to practice every day until he is able to complete the assignment without any errors AND without looking at the screen or his hands.

When the student is confident in that section, he takes an online assessment. If he passes with 100% accuracy (since that is the goal) then he can move on to the next section. After passing all 7 sections the student takes a final assessment.

This program isn’t flashy and doesn’t use computer graphics or music to liven it up, which makes this program perfect for those kids who are easily distracted. It is simple and effective. It would also be good for anyone who would like to improve their accuracy.

I had my 11-year-old son, Connor, go through the program. The first section is just about getting the proper posture, so that was super easy. Section 2, Home Row, he also grasped quickly. He has been progressing a little slower with Section 3, Top Row because we took a week off and we had some severe weather, so no computer time for a few days. But I’m confident that he will be able to continue his progress and be a great typist when he’s finished.

Here is a snippet of how the course looks on the screen.

Clicking on a section opens it up and shows the audio and other pertinent information.

And here is what the testing center looks like when doing a test.

You can have the results emailed to you or you can print them out. A progress chart tracks the date completed for each keyboard section and how many words per minute the student is typing.

Overall, I like the simplicity of The Typing Coach Online Typing Course and am pleased with Connor’s progress. It only takes a few minutes a day, but because accuracy is emphasized, that short practice time really works.

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