We had just sat down to breakfast when the call came. The Nose-Buster Gang jumped a bank manager as he arrived for work and forced him to open the safe. They had gotten away with half a million and were on their way out of town on a hijacked helicopter. I sighed, steadying myself for the oncoming argument.

“I’m not taking her this time,” Flapjack insisted. “Our last assignment I had to wait for her to grab her gear and I missed out on the whole thing!”

Smoothie tried to calm him with a hand on his shoulder. “Chill out, Flap,” she said. “It’s Bacon’s turn.”

All eyes focused on Bacon, who groaned as he stood up. “Fine,” he spat out. “Gather your gear and let’s get going. Double-time, Hash!”

“Yes, sir,” I replied. Being the only one in the group who can’t fly is a total bummer, but really, they wouldn’t be able to get along without me and they know it. We all have our special talents that make us an unbeatable force who assists the local police in fighting crime in our city.

Flapjack, quick to anger, can shape his body to fit into the tightest of places.

Then there’s Gravy. His knowledge of explosives would blow you away!

Bacon is the strong, silent type with a heart of gold. Literally. His dad was a multi-trillionaire and when Bacon needed a new heart, his dad bought him one made of gold.

The other girl on our team is Smoothie. By the time she’s finished lecturing a bad guy, they beg to be put in jail. But, she’s cool.

I’m Hash. My skill is of the technical variety. I can hack my way into any computer system.

As you probably guessed, they don’t like having to assist me when we go out on a call. I’m barely over five feet tall and only weigh 90 pounds soaking wet, but every time it’s the same thing: grumbling over who has to carry me. But not for long. Captain Crunch, our resident inventor, has been working on a special transport device that will get me around this city in an instant.

But for today, I wrap my arms around my bag and let Bacon scoop me up and away towards the direction the Nose-Buster Gang was last seen. We’ll get them. We always do.



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