Summer break is here! In between vacations, camps, trips to the pool, and other great fun, you may be worried that your child will forget some of the things she has learned during the past school year. Or you may be looking for something to help sharpen math, reading, and spelling skills over the break. Then again, you might just need something to keep your kids from getting bored, yet you don’t want to let them play video games all day. K5 Learning can meet all those needs for students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade. This online program makes a great supplement to any curriculum and can be used by homeschoolers or kids in the public schools to help in the areas of math, reading, and spelling.

This is not a full curriculum. Neither is it busy work. It’s more like a tutor that evolves with the skill of the child, progressively getting more difficult when material is mastered, but sticking with a topic for a while when more practice is needed.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial to check out how the program works. The student will take a math assessment and a reading assessment to determine what questions will be asked and which topics need more coverage. Based on those results, the program custom-tailors lessons just for your child.

When the student logs in, he will be given a choice of what to work on.

The lessons include games and activities that help teach the concept and develop mastery. Reading covers these 5 key skill areas: phonemic awareness, sight words, vocabulary, phonics, and reading comprehension. The student works by skill level, not grade level so they get the help that they need to sharpen these skills. The lessons are short and the graphics are colorful and engaging.

The 5 key skill areas that are covered in math are: numbers and operation, measurement, geometry, algebra, and data analysis. Again, these skills are learned based on need and not by grade but they are learned sequentially. The lessons use real situations to connect math to life.

Spelling is done a little differently. The parent inputs a spelling list of words that they want the student to know and the program issues a quiz that asks how to spell each of those words plus words that it chooses. It remembers every misspelled word and asks the student to spell them again. As the student masters these words, they are awarded with short animated movies.

The parent can view and print reports of all of these lessons and also receives occasional email reports about the student’s progress. Also included are worksheets that compliment the current lessons that the student is working through.

I used K5 with my youngest son, Andrew, who is a struggling reader. He loved the math lessons and was always eager to play the games and learn more. The reading lessons, however, ended up frustrating him. If the student misses too many questions they have to repeat the lesson and that lack of progress was hard on him. I think that once he has more confidence in reading, this will be more fun for him.

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