My boys are growing up. Their bodies are growing and changing and this mama sometimes feels like they’re speaking a foreign language. My oldest baby, who is 13, demands daily that I stand up straight so he can see how much taller he is than I am. I try to help them through all the changes that are taking place as they mature, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say when they ask me boy-body questions. My go-to response is, “I don’t have that body part. Go ask your dad.” Which isn’t really the best way to handle puberty questions. Thankfully, MarshMedia has given me some new tools to help me out when I just don’t know what to say and they have a Homeschool Special that you’re going to want to check out.

MarshMedia is a producer of health education products for grades K-8th. Up until now, they’ve only been in the public schools, but they’re looking to expand into the homeschooling market. Because they make videos and books from a non-biblical perspective, I was curious to know how they would handle certain subjects, but from the videos I’ve seen so far, this isn’t a problem. The topics are presented in an informative and fun way with catchy songs and graphics to help children remember the concepts discussed.

For the purpose of this review, I’ll go through a few of the videos we watched and how the boys reacted to them. We were given access to the streaming videos, but MarshMedia also has DVDs and books available.

The first one we watched was “You’re Not a Little Kid Anymore” from the hygiene section. The targeted audience is grades 3-5, right where my younger two boys are at. The run time is 18 minutes and it covers the basics of good hygiene for growing kids: bathing, hand washing, taking care of teeth, hair, and nails, and wearing clean clothes. The songs are catchy and are sung by kids from this age group. The older boys, as I expected, thought it was a little too juvenile for them, but it was absorbed by my youngest who is 9 years old. Finally, all the times I’ve told him to brush his teeth and take a bath became clear to him as being important! Sometimes it takes someone else to shine the light.

Another video we viewed was “Straight Talk About Anger.” This is from the guidance/social skills section and runs for a little over 15 minutes. It is set up like a call-in show and has two teens answering questions about how to handle anger, in ourselves and from others. The age group that this is for is 6-8th grades. I specifically chose this one because anger is such a powerful emotion and finding healthy ways to deal with it is an important life skill for everyone to learn.  The boys and I had a great discussion afterwards thanks to this video.

“Aloha Potter!” is one of several character-teaching videos that feature animals. They are also available in book form. In this story, we are told about Potter, a fish who is teased by a crab. The grade range is K-4th and the run time is 15 minutes. All the boys liked the story and the colorful pictures.

From the puberty section, I chose “Growing Up! for Boys” for grades 5-7. All three boys watched this one and I think they all feel a little more normal. It doesn’t matter that I’ve told them that every other boy has gone through those changes, they needed to hear it from someone else. The more sensitive topics were handled very respectfully and there wasn’t anything in this video that I objected to as a Christian.

We also watched “The Immune System: Our Internal Defender,” a video for grades 3-5 with a run time of a little under 10 minutes. This is a basic overview of how the immune system works in an easy to understand format. This video triggered an amazing discussion about different diseases and how they are passed and my personal view on vaccinations.

I’m very pleased with the topics that are covered by MarshMedia and think this is a great resource for parents to use. If you wish to take advantage of the opportunity to introduce the MarshMedia curriculum to your home schooler(s) click on the link below for more information:

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