It was so hot today that when I stepped out on the porch it felt like my breath had been sucked out of my chest. Sweat immediately began to seep from every pore and soon my shirt was soaked. Every step I took was like trying to run through water, practically impossible.

The reason I had even dared to brave the heat was that I had heard the ice cream truck singing its jingle. I have a thing for ice cream bars and that freezing sweetness that was waiting for me would make it worth the effort.

Finally, I made it to the end of the street. I rounded the corner, stopped, and stared in disbelief. My mouth gaped open in shock. There was the ice cream truck, still blaring its siren call. But it had melted into a puddle of liquid plastic! All the ice cream bars, now nothing but colored milk, were running in a stream into the sewer grate.

My shoulders slumped in defeat as I searched for the driver of the truck. But he was a goner. The heat had gotten him, too. Now a ripple of fear ran down my spine, almost causing chills. This heat was dangerous enough to evaporate a man. I would be next if I didn’t make it back inside soon.

My heart pounded as I moved as quickly as I could towards my house. Almost there! Only a few steps away!  Oh, no…