My boys and I have been having a blast this year using Home School in the Woods products. First we journeyed through Ancient Egypt with the Project Passport series. Now, we’re traveling to the wild west in The Early 19th Century from their Time Travelers American History Studies series. Just look at all the cool things you can do with this hands-on history program:

With the Time Traveler series, you go in-depth into American history starting with Washington, Jefferson, and the Barbary Pirates. We’ve read about the Louisiana Purchase and traveled with Lewis and Clark. The great innovators and inventions of the time are discussed at length, as well as the War of 1812, trappers and traders, the Alamo, pioneer living, and so much more. It’s the ultimate boy adventure and my boys are loving it!

For this review, I had my boys choose which projects they really wanted to do to save on paper and keep interest alive. My oldest chose to do the writing portions. He enjoys getting to pretend that he is a newspaper reporter and writing about all the important events of the day. He is also doing the copywork for each lesson.

My younger sons prefer to do the coloring and lapbooking portions as well as putting together a notebook of our adventure. Writing does not interest them at all, so having the ability to choose what projects they want to work on was perfect for them.

Timelines are an important part of any history study and of course we are working on one of those. I love how easy it is for them to position the timeline figures to make an amazing visual presentation of the time period. I used brown cardstock for the background to make it a little more authentic.

Maps are also important to history and there is no shortage of those either. When our project is finished it will have an overlapping map with a visual representation of how our country changed throughout the century of mass migration and land purchasing.

We’re also learning many songs that were written during the time and the boys are keeping copies of them in their notebook. I look up the song on YouTube and we sing along. It’s really neat to learn about how these songs came to be written and studying them in context to the events surrounding them really bring meaning to them.

One of the final projects is to put together the lapbook with all the pieces they do as we go through each lesson. Here are a few of the lapbook pieces.

The final project is a chuck wagon dinner pulling together recipes from throughout the study like Sweet Potato Surprise, Apple Pandowdy, Indian Fry Bread, and Maple Sugar Candy. I’m looking forward to chowing down on these old-fashioned dishes.

As always, Home School in the Woods delivers an amazing study with a plethora of hands-on fun and new this summer are A-La-Carte projects so you can add some of this hands-on fun to your current history program or use them as jumping off points for unit studies and rabbit trails. Use the code alacarte at checkout to get the Erie Canal project for free!

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