After fighting an illness for the entire week, I finally succumbed to a fever on Friday. My “rest week” had been filled with projects that I had put off for too long and I frantically tried my best to get it all done. But, my body knew what I needed. And so, as I grumpily accepted defeat, I popped in the movie I needed to watch anyway for this review, Trust Fund by Mapelle Films. Suddenly, my fever was forgotten as I got lost in this modern retelling of the Prodigal Son parable.

Now, don’t let the parable word turn you away from the story. It may be based on a Christian theme, but there is no mention of God anywhere in this film. This story is relevant to anyone, regardless of religious views. Just think back to a time in your own life when you wish you could say, “Daddy, can I come home?”

Trust Fund is about two sisters; the older sister, Audrey, is strong and dependable. She knows what is expected of her and she gets the job done no matter what. The younger sister, Reese, is a bit of a spoiled baby who can’t manage her finances or her life. She fills her days “writing” and spending her daddy’s money. A trip to Italy brought a man into her life and she longs to return to him.

A chance opportunity allows Reese to discover a secret trust fund in her and her sister’s names. Reese stews on this information for a while, and after a spat with her sister, takes her share from the account and returns to Italy and her dream man. But, of course, her life doesn’t turn out as she hoped and expected it would, and Reese finds herself in a dangerous situation, eventually returning home to her family.

How can Reese possibly fix her life? How can she regain the trust she lost with her father and sister? I won’t give it away, you’ll just have to watch the movie for yourself to find out! I’ll just say that the ending is beautiful!

Mapelle Films is comprised of a husband and wife duo. Sandra Martin wrote the screenplay for the film and is also an author. She has written a companion book for the film, Love Was Near, that some of the Review Crew has reviewed. Isaac Alongi is an Emmy winning cinematographer and was homeschooled himself. Together with their amazing cast they have created a film that can be watched and enjoyed by the whole family.

I think that Trust Fund would make a great family movie night film, especially if you have teenagers. Small groups can make use of the study guide for a Bible study of the Prodigal Son parable. This would also make a perfect date night movie, as the parenting aspect of the film is apparent.

If I haven’t convinced you yet to get this movie and watch it, check out what other families on the Review Crew for Trust Fund had to say by clicking the button below.

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