During our break from our regular school subjects, we decided to do a little crafting. I pulled out the boxed kit from ACTÍVA Products and we discussed what the boys would make using the Rigid Wrap and CelluClay Quik-Sculpting Kit.

Inside the kit are two packages of Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth, an 8 ounce bag of CelluClay Instant Papier Mâché, and instructions for 12 projects. We also received an eBook of additional projects to try out called ACTÍVA Products’ Favorite Sculpture KIDS CRAFTS .

Connor chose to make an Egyptian sarcophagus using the Rigid Wrap product. Using the template from the eBook, he cut out two sarcophagus shapes from cardboard and sandwiched them with newspaper. This formed the base of the project. Then he cut several strips of the Rigid Wrap. The wrap is really neat because all the plaster is contained on the strips. You simply dip them in warm water and lay them on the project. As you cover the form, the holes fill up and you can easily smooth out the air bubbles with your fingers. This was surprisingly not a super messy project and it was easy enough for Connor to do by himself. It was dry in just a short while, but he waited until the next day to paint it to make sure it was completely dry. This is his finished piece.

Andrew picked out the dinosaur project to make from the eBook using the CelluClay. This was a much messier project, but he loved it! I took the dry CelluClay and mixed it with water in a plastic bag. We cut out the dinosaur template and Andrew formed his dinosaur around the cutout. It took a lot longer to dry but this product was more forgiving than the Rigid Wrap. He had plenty of time to mold his dinosaur to his satisfaction. The next day Andrew painted his dinosaur. He calls it a Tigersaurus.

We have plenty of both products left to use for many more future projects. The CelluClay that I mixed up will stay good in the refrigerator in the plastic bag and as long as the Rigid Wrap stays dry it can be used later as well.

The Rigid Wrap is best used over a form of some sort. It can be layered to make thicker pieces or scrunched up to make more texture. Some project ideas using this product are piñatas, pencil toppers, beads, masks, and bowls.

CelluClay can also be used over a form, but it is also good for sculpting free-form. It can be dyed using fabric dyes added to the mix water when preparing the mixture. It can also be used in molds. You can mix up a small amount, but I decided to mix it all up at once since I didn’t know how much we would need.

In addition to making things out of just one of these products, they can also be combined to make 3-D works of art. The possibilities of these products are truly limitless!

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