I have a confession to make: I have a difficult time using curriculum exactly as it is written. Usually, I will shorten up the workload or divide it up over more time. Sometimes I completely ignore the directions and make up my own. Or I will tweak it a bit to fit the learning styles and preferences of my kids. This is why I prefer an eclectic method of homeschooling and don’t even bother looking at all-encompassing curriculum. I like flexibility and the product that Andrew has been working on lately is super flexible! The U.S.A Activity Bundle Pack from The Crafty Classroom has so many possibilities!

The suggested age range is kindergarten to 3rd grade, but an older student could also use these as well. The bundle includes three digital eBooks. The U.S.A. State-by-State Activity Notebook includes an activity page for each state. It includes graphics of the state, the flag, the bird, and the flower. There are also blanks to fill in information about the state. A full map of the United States and two games (Bingo USA and Roll Across America) are at the end of the eBook.

The second book in the bundle is U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards. This has printable pages for all the state birds. Some states have the same bird, so there are only 28 different birds. These pages can be used in many different ways and I’ll share some ideas in a bit.

The third book is U.S.A. 50 State Mazes. These may be difficult for young students because it was challenging even to me! But Andrew was able to do them and he enjoyed the challenge.

We used these eBooks as a supplement/addition to our regular work. Our local library has non-fiction books for each state so we got those to read more about the states and used a children’s atlas to fill in the activity notebook pages. He also did the maze for the state and colored the bird picture. I punched holes in them so we can put them in a binder.

Instead of printing out the pages per state like I did, these can also be bound together into one book or as individual coloring books. For the bird pages, you can make smaller books from the picture on the left and write out info about the bird. They could also be glued into a scrapbook. The smaller pictures can be used as flashcards or for making a matching game. Print the page on cardstock and use it for a beautiful watercolor painting.

If you are already using a geography or history curriculum, these eBooks can be used as activity sheets to supplement the program. Or, they can be used to create your own curriculum. In the picture below I’ve put together a collection of books and games for Oklahoma. There is a floor puzzle for the whole United States, a memory game for North American wildlife, a children’s atlas, the non-fiction book we got from our library, Peterson’s Field Guide to Birds of North America, and a novel set in Oklahoma, Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, to incorporate literature. You could go even further and add in craft or art projects into the study to get a really great geography curriculum. Many possibilities with this product!

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