Do grammar lessons give your kids the grumps? Are you looking for a fun way to teach how to put a sentence together? Well, we’ve been working with a product that brings a hands-on component to grammar learning. It’s called the English Grammar Teaching Method from English on a Roll.

The program consists of a set 40 plastic cubes and an instructor’s manual. The cubes are color-coded according to the parts of a sentence. For example, words that are pronouns are blue, nouns are dark blue, question words are green, and verbs are red. A handy chart in the instructor’s manual shows what words are on each cube, the group they belong to, the color, and their function. There are also two blank cubes and removable labels to make your own word cubes as needed. Each box of cubes can be used with up to 6 students.

The instructor’s manual makes teaching the grammar lessons super easy. The lessons can be used in a classroom, on an individual basis, or with multiple ages. The manual gives detailed instructions for using the cubes and contains 37 lessons that increase in difficulty. Lesson one introduces the student to subject pronouns. Lesson 12 is about adjectives and adjective phrases. Lesson 21 is about present progressive (right now) statements.

Each lesson has teacher notes that tell you which cubes will be needed for the lesson, a section that lays out how to teach the lesson, conversation and game ideas, and a written exercise. Each lesson also has reproducible pages with graphics and charts to allow the student to follow along with the lesson and a written exercise for them to do to ensure that they understand the lesson.

Here, Andrew will demonstrate what he did with Lesson 4 – Making Statements with ‘BE’.

I taught the lesson and had him follow along with the student page. Then he rolled the noun cube and got ‘CAR’.

Then he rotated the other cubes (only those for this lesson) to make a sentence.

And just like that he made a complete sentence! I love this because for him, writing out his thoughts is difficult, but manipulating the cubes really clicks.

I’m using English on a Roll with all the boys because if I just have one of them do it there would be a riot! I can’t possibly allow one child to have fun without the others. All three of the boys are learning from English on a Roll, but Andrew is especially benefiting from the hands-on aspect of the cubes. I just teach the lesson during our morning learning time and they take turns rolling the cubes and putting together a sentence. The lessons don’t take very long to go through, so boredom isn’t a problem and of course they compete to come up with the best sentence. The cubes make them think they are just playing a game, but they are actually learning how to construct a proper sentence and use correct punctuation as well. The written exercises pull it all together into a full grammar lesson.

For the first time through Nathan and Connor are doing the written lessons. I think that I’ll do it again just with Andrew and really work on the writing portion so he gets to practice writing out sentences.

This could also be used for reading vocabulary help as well.

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