With a family of all boys there’s always competition and comparison going on. Inevitably someone feels left out for whatever imagined reason they can come up with. When Andrew expressed his disappointment that it had been a while since he had reviewed a product just for him, I decided to jump on this one. Especially since his name is in the title: Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! – Level 2 Set from Greek ‘n’ Stuff.

The kit comes with a Biblical Greek Worktext, an “Answers Only” Answer Key, and a Pronunciation CD. With this kit, Andrew (my Andrew) has been learning koiné Greek and can proudly say that he knows something his older brothers don’t (every youngest child’s dream)!

Because of his age, I started him with Level 2. The first 7 lessons are dedicated to learning the Greek alphabet and I really want him to get this, so we are taking our time with these first lessons. The remaining lessons (30 lessons in all) are dedicated to learning Greek vocabulary that is found in the Bible and is a core foundation for learning Biblical Greek.

The alphabet lessons have a review section (assuming the student has already completed Level 1 but since this is new for us, we use it as the teaching portion). It has a graphic that shows how to make the letter, its name, and space for practice. The back of the book has several pages of flashcards that we cut out and tape together. These are to be practiced daily.

The next page has practice exercises. Some of the exercises include putting the letters in order, finding the correct name of the letters, and matching the letters to their name. They are all suitable for Andrew’s level of proficiency. Several practice pages follow the alphabet lessons for even more practice to ensure mastery.

After learning the alphabet (or reviewing it for those who have already done Level 1), the student starts learning Greek vocabulary words. These lessons are set up much the same way as the alphabet lessons with a page of introducing the word and practice exercises except there are more practice pages for the vocabulary since this is completely new material and not just a review. The flashcards also include these vocabulary words and are to be practiced daily. If the student does 1 page per day (the recommended pace), the worktext should take 143 days to complete, so this would basically be a full year of Greek.

The answer key is helpful since I am not proficient in Greek myself. It is just the answers, but a full text answer key can be purchased that duplicates the worktext pages with the correct answers filled in.

The Pronunciation CD is especially helpful in learning the alphabet letters and vocabulary words. It includes an alphabet song and correct pronunciations of all the letters and words used in Level 2.

So if you have a student interested in learning Greek, Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! is a great program to use. For more information about Level 2 or to take a look at Level 3 or some of the Bible studies that Greek ‘n’ Stuff has, click the banner below!

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