A Storyteller's Journey

The Example We Set

Kids are natural mimickers. I've often heard one of my boys repeat something I've said and sometimes I cringe when I hear it come from their mouth. It's so easy to say things without thinking it through, but so difficult... Continue Reading →


Literary Ladies – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Sometime during my childhood, I was given a beautiful hardcover copy of Little House in the Big Woods and Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I remember imagining along with the story how Pa stored up food for the... Continue Reading →

Goals: They’re a Good Thing

Wow! Can you believe that January is over already? Time flies, but I've gotten off to a great start this year and all because I took the time to make some goals. No longer do I feel like a hamster... Continue Reading →

Be a No Drama Mama!

In college, I remember thinking one day that the lives of the people around me was very similar to a soap opera. Couples constantly changing, back-biting and gossiping, conflicts between professors and students. It was exciting! Now as a mom... Continue Reading →

Literary Ladies – Grace Livingston Hill

Whenever I need a book that I know will have a happy ending and is sure to leave me feeling uplifted and hopeful, I turn to Grace Livingston Hill. And since she wrote over 100 novels and many short stories,... Continue Reading →

True Courage

When we think of doing something courageous, we may get a picture like the one above of someone climbing up a rock. It would take loads of courage I do not possess to climb that! But every day, I reach... Continue Reading →

Literary Ladies – L.M. Montgomery

When I was a child, I loved entering into the world of Anne (with an 'e') and her Green Gables. I spent hours imagining I lived on Prince Edward Island and had a bosom friend to call my own. The... Continue Reading →

Boredom Begets Creativity

Whenever my boys would tell me they were bored, I always answered them with an encouraging, "Good! Now you can do something creative!" The implication is that it is hard to tap into our creative energy unless we give ourselves... Continue Reading →

Literary Ladies – Agatha Christie

(Another series I'm doing this year is Literary Ladies, short biographies of women writers that I have read. This is the first post in that series.) Recently, I had the pleasure to meet a new-to-me author. Not in real life,... Continue Reading →

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